Awesome, thought-provoking review

A few excerpts from the review on Buterfly-o-Meter Books:

This is one of the most ingenious approaches to romance I've read this year. The first half of it was a clear 5 butterflies, with cherries and parfaits on top, and everything else that's yummy and dreamy and just straight up amazing. This first part made me think Solaris a lot, with an Irish version of a George Clooney and all that amazing space feeling, the deep vibe of everything . . . put me in exactly that state of mind, it was that sort of creative, spiritually thrilling take on space where the final frontier is ultimately yourself. Just freaking magnificent!
. . .
So, from the thrill point of view, the first part of the story was, simply put, epic. But then the ongoing romance (as opposed to imminent in the first) kicked in stronger in the second part, as the thrill went down the feeling went up, so to speak. It was a very cool mix and it had an interesting impact on me as a reader.
. . .
. . . some very romantic scenes that I just got all goofy and excited over. Both Elizabeth and Murphy were funny and charismatic, I got very emotionally in tune with Elizabeth and I empathized with her.
. . . 
I loved the writing and the world building, they were simply put, amazing. I was just so pulled into this world, I felt it all around me as I read, it made crystal clear sense and it fascinated me. 
. . .
I'll be on the lookout for more from this author, I completely love the way her mind works.

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