Goodreads roundup for Oct. 12

More great reviews! Really enjoying seeing people's different takes on everything.

Excerpts from this full review*:

. . . I was drawn into the story and flew through the pages without looking back. I had to know more about Murphy. I had to know more about Elizabeth. I had to know what the hell was going to happen next!
. . .
Murphy, oh where do I start with Murphy? First of all, he’s Irish. What else can I tell you about him? He’s sweet, kind, he doesn’t play games, what you see is what you get (and who wouldn’t want him!) and he’s a freaking awesome cook! The relationship between the two of them was just so cute and refreshing that everytime they had a playful battle of words psychologist-style, I was grinning from ear to ear.
. . .
The world building was just beautiful and haunting at the same time. New strands of theories were woven in flawlessly
. . .
It is charmingly gorgeous and glorious with a bit of steam here and there. I would give this book....***4.5 Stars - This book is really good, a definite re-reader.***

*If you're not on Goodreads you can also read this one here.

And here's a short bit a pre-review from someone planning to write a longer one:

It was definitely a surprising gem of a book and I will definitely be checking out Sharon Fisher in the future because Ghost Planet was refreshing, unique and full of depth and I highly recommended!

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