Review report for Oct. 6

The Ghost Planet blog tour is officially underway, and reviews are starting to come in as well. You can read about the earliest ones from RT Book Reviews and Publishers Weekly here.

Today I read a lengthy and thoughtful review by My Good Bookshelf, one of the NetGalley ARC recipients. Here's a paragraph I especially enjoyed:

I have to say that the author has a really evocative writing style which drew me into the book immediately. Some of her descriptions of the planet were utterly beautiful and as a reader I could envisage what Elizabeth was seeing very clearly. They were vivid but not too over the top and I felt really drawn into the world and what was occurring- especially with details about the climate and the habitation. The small details about communication and food worked very well and even some of the biological facets that she created were quite approachable and I never found myself confused- which is often the case with me and science generally! Her world-building was definitely top-notch as far as I am concerned. 

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  1. Love seeing all these Thumbs Up reviews.

    "...really evocative writing style..." :)

  2. Yes, feels amazing to hear about people enjoying it!