The review fairy visits again, and a blog tour stop . . .

The blog tour stops at Short & Sweet Reviews today (read the interview)! My favorite question:

Tell us three interesting things about yourself that can’t be found in your biography section.

And the review fairy left something wonderful under my pillow last night. You can read the full review at Books, Bones & Buffy. Tammy's explanation of the setup for the story is really nice, and I think will help readers who aren't sure whether this book is for them. Here are some of my favorite bits!

I absolutely loved Elizabeth and Murphy. Their growing relationship, despite the ghost protocol, was so well done, and Fisher has a splendid talent for dialog. The banter between the two is playful, sweet and sexy . . . Elizabeth is just the kind of heroine I love: strong, curious and extremely intelligent.
* * *
. . . this book is filled with so many strange and wondrous ideas that will charm everyone who loves good science fiction. 
* * *
Ghost Planet has everything: romance, action, danger and betrayal, and laced in among the entertaining and fast-moving plot are some puzzling questions about the nature of relationships and how human interaction can possibly save a planet. This is also a cautionary tale about the destruction of our environment and what might happen if we don’t work together. Despite the sometimes grim warnings, by the end of the book I felt something that I wish more books made me feel: hopeful.

There was also a nice little review over at Alternative Worlds this week . . .

Ghost Planet is a great romantic science fiction with a strong premise that Sharon Lynn Fisher executes perfectly. Elizabeth is a super protagonist even though we (and she) know she died by chapter 2 . . . Character driven, readers will appreciate this engaging tale.

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