GHOST PLANET character quiz

This is kind of fun! I created a quiz about GHOST PLANET's characters on Goodreads.

Can't get the embed code to work for some reason, nor does any link I try seem to work. You can find a link to the quiz in "recent updates" on my author page, or by searching "quizzes."

Just look at this wonderful comment one of the quiz takers left for me!

Sharon, I picked the book up at random at the grocery store and I can't tell you how exciting it was when I realized it was going to be a REALLY GOOD book and a new favorite author! I almost emailed you after I read the first few pages (but thought that seemed a little too stalkerish!) 



Happy Thanksgiving!

Today just for fun I bring you a photo of GHOST PLANET spotted in the wild (Barnes & Noble). I love it when people send me photos of the book in stores. How about that placement? Thanks to SFR pal Laurel Wanrow!


The view from Wednesday (Nov 21)

This past week I got the opportunity to contribute to a couple of great articles:


Ghost Planet was a skillful blend of imaginative world building, scientific mystery, conspiracy and manipulation. The story is tied together by two characters who consistently have the odds stacked against them, but their devotion and dedication will have you rooting for them until the very end.

Addicted 2 Heroines
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. . . if you’re a fan of SFRs of any sort, you’d be totally remiss if you didn’t check this book out. The SF storyline is quite good, quite engaging, and if you don’t want to keep reading after the end of the first chapter, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.  Ghost Planet is a fun, engaging read, and while I know this particular book is a stand-alone, if the author ever returns to this world, I’ll be happy to follow along.

Calico Reaction
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From Goodreads . . .

Oh my goodness. All I can say is Ghost Planet is great, great, great. I loved the concept, the story, the characters and the writing. This is Science Fiction Romance at its best. (Jo)
* * *
A satisfying mix of science fiction and romance that perfectly holds the delicate balance between the mental fun of sci fi and the heart of romance. (Jessa)
* * *
Rarely have I devoured a book as quickly as I did this one. (Dawn)
* * *
I really enjoyed this book. Very interesting story and I'll definitely be reading anything this author writes in the future. (Roxanne)

Latest Amazon review . . .

An intriguing blend of idea-driven science fiction and character-driven romance set in a brooding landscape that instantly captures the imagination. Fisher sets the mood for her unusual premise right away and sustains it throughout the book, as her hero and heroine examine questions about what it means to be human and to be "alive".

Readers of paranormal romance or the more action-oriented forms of SF may argue that GHOST PLANET seems a little tentative when it comes to the sex or action, but those are quibbles. There's plenty of room for Fisher's style of contemplative science fiction romance in the broad continuum of speculative literature.


The view from Monday (Nov. 12)

Tons of interviews and guest posts have gone up over the last week. There have been some really interesting questions and topics. Check the list in the right-hand column for the latest.

I also have a piece in this month's Tor newsletter:
On Taking Risks and Being Dead

GHOST PLANET got another WOW review today, from The Bookpushers. This one made me weepy! It's a very thoughtful, insightful review -- the reviewers really "got" the book. I went a little overboard on excerpts.

. . . Fisher took her story in directions I never imagined . . . This reminded me of some of the older science fiction exploratory novels of my childhood with the seamless addition of some romance.
* * *
The start of the romance between Murphy who is the psychologist who created the Ghost Protocol and ends up breaking all the rules to fall in love with Elizabeth was fantastic and I loved how themes of love, grief and hope was explored via their unusual bond.
* * *
It was also ironic but important to see that here is a human colony settling in an alien planet but trying to control and shape it into their ideas and conventions and not respecting or embracing on what it could offer. 
* * *
I loved how the solution wasn’t a single individual or idea but a combination. As I said earlier this reminded me of the science fiction of my youth. I want to say thanks to Fisher for proving that I still have that love and giving me several hours of enjoyment. I hope she provides more.
* * *
I was surprised HOW much I really liked it because of how it approached themes of love and loss but exploring it in a wonderful way. When a character states “People Die. Love Doesn’t” – this really sums up the book and the characters for me. Despite it being a SF romance, this goes beyond a high tech and high speculative premise because it really examines the full spectrum of human emotions and what it is to be human. And at its heart, there is a fantastic romance, which has flawed but real characters who have been given a second chance at love and by finding it they become truly alive and I loved that message.

This has definitely become one of my favourite books this year and it is a standout debut by Sharon Lynn Fisher who has a fantastic voice. I highly recommend it because it was fresh, and different and it was chock-full of emotions. I want more please! 

Whew! Like I said, weepy.

GHOST PLANET also got a review this week from Dear Author. The novel was not this reviewer's cup of tea (B-) -- she didn't really feel the romance. And that's okay. Reading is a very individual and subjective experience. DA is a popular review site and it was great to be included. You can read the review here. Here are a couple bits I really liked:

It’s a strange book. The heroine dies before the start of the book. The person we meet is in reality an alien with Elizabeth’s consciousness and personality. This leads us to all sorts of metaphysical questions of whether she really is Elizabeth or someone (or something) else entirely. What makes a soul? What makes us us? 
* * *
I really liked Elizabeth’s interactions with the other ghosts. I also enjoyed the exploration of the relationships between human and alien and how symbiosis and parasitism can resemble each other depending on the circumstances and perspective.


The view from Monday (Nov. 5)

GHOST PLANET is Book Chick City's book of the month! (Reviewer Vickie gave the book 5 stars last week.)

Goodreads review quote of the day:

And I have to mention that the "betrayal" that ocurred at the 50% mark of the book made my jaw drop open. Then, I promptly closed it and all but screamed gleefully, "best betrayal ever!"

And this from Twitter. If you don't recognize the name, think Buffy. And "Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog." And "The Guild." Wow, sure hope she likes it!

From a review I didn't know was coming (Workaday Reads, 5 stars):

I was sucked into Elizabeth’s desire for knowledge. She had so many questions about the ghosts, and wasn’t willing to let anything get in her way, even her surprise discovery that she was actually one of the ghosts. Her drive and determination drove the story. She had a very out-of-the-box way of thinking that was refreshingly strong. Elizabeth really helped set a new standard for female heroines in science fiction.


Saturday report from the blog tour!


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Book Chick City

I find myself having to reign myself in whilst writing this review, as I really could go on for ages about GHOST PLANET. I really loved the concept, and truly would love to visit, just to see who would be following me around. The chemistry between Murphy and Elizabeth is smouldering . . . The world building really is wonderful, and you get a real sense of what Ardagh 1 is like, from its civilised bits, to its rougher, more natural, areas . . . There are characters in GHOST PLANET that you just feel like slapping, others you really feel for, and some that you just want to see what happens next with them.

Basia's Bookshelf

So Halloween has passed and I thought I was done with stories that would raise the hair on my arms for another year. One chapter into Ghost Planet and I had goose pimples and until I closed the book, I felt like I was on a roller coaster of emotions – but I kept those goose pimples. This is a scary, smart, sexy story that occasionally had me doubting my own thoughts as I read.
* * *
The story is quite serious: there are themes of prejudice, environmentalism, slavery and oppression among the old faithful standards of greed, fanaticism and jealousy. This still has some light and fun moments and Elizabeth is a bright beacon of a character. She’s generally just irrepressible, pretty much corrupting other ghosts by talking to them and driving Murphy crazy by making her presence in his life impossible for him to ignore. 
* * *
The romance with Murphy is so, so sweet. He’s just so damn adorable and sexy. It’s not all because he’s a yummy Irish guy who absently calls her, “love,” all the time. It’s not his startlingly blue eyes or that he’s practically a chef. Even when he’s trying to ignore Elizabeth, he does it courteously and is protective. I loved that when she started to work out her theories, Murphy was willing to rethink his own. 
* * *
. . . the halves of the book are like mirror images, mimicking the ghost/person relationship. I loved the way Fisher split the story, showing that both sides had their fanatics and neither had any particular grasp of the true answer because they were so busy proving they were on some moral high ground.
* * *
I loved this. That’s pretty much the beginning and end of it.

Janicu's Book Blog

Until she’s told she’s a ghost, Elizabeth doesn’t realize anything is wrong, and her shock and confusion at having her most basic identity questioned is good stuff. The irony is that the human Elizabeth was interested in the ‘ghosts’ from an academic standpoint before traveling to Ardagh 1. Now her experience with the Ghost Protocol is much more personal and her questions about her existence much more pressing.
* * *
Elizabeth’s persistence and Murphy’s empathy were characteristics that brought them closer, but the connection they forged from quiet proximity had it’s own power.
* * *
. . . this is a story with a healthy amount of romance but has a plot that doesn’t just evolve around that. There are some suspenseful, action-adventure aspects to the story and Elizabeth and Murphy have to face several threats to their lives. I can’t really go into these without spoiling the story, but I was impressed by how thoughtfully Ghost Planet explores the the ‘ghost’ concept in its storytelling. It’s a concept that’s also a mystery, and thankfully the author doesn’t leave the reader with a lot of hanging questions. It explores a lot of the questions I had and organically integrated the answers into the plot.