GHOST PLANET character quiz

This is kind of fun! I created a quiz about GHOST PLANET's characters on Goodreads.

Can't get the embed code to work for some reason, nor does any link I try seem to work. You can find a link to the quiz in "recent updates" on my author page, or by searching "quizzes."

Just look at this wonderful comment one of the quiz takers left for me!

Sharon, I picked the book up at random at the grocery store and I can't tell you how exciting it was when I realized it was going to be a REALLY GOOD book and a new favorite author! I almost emailed you after I read the first few pages (but thought that seemed a little too stalkerish!) 


  1. I second that above comment! Random pick, devoured the book. Looking forward to your future novels.

    1. Very cool - I LOVE hearing about random picks! So glad you enjoyed it!