The view from Monday (Nov. 5)

GHOST PLANET is Book Chick City's book of the month! (Reviewer Vickie gave the book 5 stars last week.)

Goodreads review quote of the day:

And I have to mention that the "betrayal" that ocurred at the 50% mark of the book made my jaw drop open. Then, I promptly closed it and all but screamed gleefully, "best betrayal ever!"

And this from Twitter. If you don't recognize the name, think Buffy. And "Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog." And "The Guild." Wow, sure hope she likes it!

From a review I didn't know was coming (Workaday Reads, 5 stars):

I was sucked into Elizabeth’s desire for knowledge. She had so many questions about the ghosts, and wasn’t willing to let anything get in her way, even her surprise discovery that she was actually one of the ghosts. Her drive and determination drove the story. She had a very out-of-the-box way of thinking that was refreshingly strong. Elizabeth really helped set a new standard for female heroines in science fiction.

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