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Tons of interviews and guest posts have gone up over the last week. There have been some really interesting questions and topics. Check the list in the right-hand column for the latest.

I also have a piece in this month's Tor newsletter:
On Taking Risks and Being Dead

GHOST PLANET got another WOW review today, from The Bookpushers. This one made me weepy! It's a very thoughtful, insightful review -- the reviewers really "got" the book. I went a little overboard on excerpts.

. . . Fisher took her story in directions I never imagined . . . This reminded me of some of the older science fiction exploratory novels of my childhood with the seamless addition of some romance.
* * *
The start of the romance between Murphy who is the psychologist who created the Ghost Protocol and ends up breaking all the rules to fall in love with Elizabeth was fantastic and I loved how themes of love, grief and hope was explored via their unusual bond.
* * *
It was also ironic but important to see that here is a human colony settling in an alien planet but trying to control and shape it into their ideas and conventions and not respecting or embracing on what it could offer. 
* * *
I loved how the solution wasn’t a single individual or idea but a combination. As I said earlier this reminded me of the science fiction of my youth. I want to say thanks to Fisher for proving that I still have that love and giving me several hours of enjoyment. I hope she provides more.
* * *
I was surprised HOW much I really liked it because of how it approached themes of love and loss but exploring it in a wonderful way. When a character states “People Die. Love Doesn’t” – this really sums up the book and the characters for me. Despite it being a SF romance, this goes beyond a high tech and high speculative premise because it really examines the full spectrum of human emotions and what it is to be human. And at its heart, there is a fantastic romance, which has flawed but real characters who have been given a second chance at love and by finding it they become truly alive and I loved that message.

This has definitely become one of my favourite books this year and it is a standout debut by Sharon Lynn Fisher who has a fantastic voice. I highly recommend it because it was fresh, and different and it was chock-full of emotions. I want more please! 

Whew! Like I said, weepy.

GHOST PLANET also got a review this week from Dear Author. The novel was not this reviewer's cup of tea (B-) -- she didn't really feel the romance. And that's okay. Reading is a very individual and subjective experience. DA is a popular review site and it was great to be included. You can read the review here. Here are a couple bits I really liked:

It’s a strange book. The heroine dies before the start of the book. The person we meet is in reality an alien with Elizabeth’s consciousness and personality. This leads us to all sorts of metaphysical questions of whether she really is Elizabeth or someone (or something) else entirely. What makes a soul? What makes us us? 
* * *
I really liked Elizabeth’s interactions with the other ghosts. I also enjoyed the exploration of the relationships between human and alien and how symbiosis and parasitism can resemble each other depending on the circumstances and perspective.

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