A famous fan

A couple months ago when Felicia Day -- actress (Buffy, Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog) and producer (The Guild) -- tweeted a list of books she'd bought that included GHOST PLANET, I crossed all my fingers and toes that she'd like it.

She did! She did!

Again, I have a winner! Wow I've been on a streak lately. This is a really fun Sci-Fi romance that I was surprised by. Very cool setup and characters that I couldn't put down. I don't want to spoil the book, just start reading it without reading blurbs and the twist at the beginning will really hook you in!

Thanks, Felicia! Read the full review on Goodreads.

Felicia also has an awesome sci-fi/fantasy book review group with a forum on Goodreads: Vaginal Fantasy Hangout. It's not what it sounds like. :)


  1. Congrats, Sharon! That's super awesome. I love Felicia's reviews. Every time she updates her GR account, it's like Christmas. I'm always adding new pretty books to my TBR list. Glad she enjoyed Ghost Planet!

  2. Thank you, Sandy, me too! I didn't know about her flog and reviews and such until Darynda Jones told me she had tweeted about buying Ghost Planet (to her like 2 million followers!).