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But first, here are a few Goodreads review excerpts to start the week off right:

I must say, this is the first book in ages I have read in less than 24 hours. (Try 12.) (Debra)

This is a debut novel not to be missed . . . The world that Mrs. Fisher created is so original and fascinating that it will keep you glued to the pages till you finish! I definitely will be checking out future works of Mrs. Fisher. (Van)

. . .if you're a fan of SFRs of any sort, you'd be totally remiss if you didn't check this book out. The SF storyline is quite good, quite engaging, and if you don't want to keep reading after the end of the first chapter, I don't know what's wrong with you. ;) Ghost Planet is a fun, engaging read, and while I know this particular book is a stand-alone, if the author ever returns to this world, I'll be happy to follow along. (Shara)

Science fiction romance the way it should be done. Complex and fully developed world building. Having each human settler be spontaneously bonded to an alien was good. Having that alien be the host of the consciousness of a dead human who doesn't realize they are not still human was brilliant. (Jacqueline)

And this, from Amazon:

My book club is reading this for its next selection and I think it will be well received by everyone - there is something for everyone. There is obviously a sci-fi aspect to it, romance, action, mystery and even a nod to protecting our environment.


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