GP giveaway by author Erica Hayes

To celebrate the release of her first sci-fi novel, author Erica Hayes (multi-published in urban fantasy/romance) is giving away a copy of GHOST PLANET. How cool is that?

Erica says about GP:

It's got a melancholy, soulful kind of futuristic atmosphere, but with plenty of action to keep you busy. And a ghostly, reincarnated, kind of poltergeist heroine. It's hard to describe. You'll have to read it!

I'm excited about Erica's release as well, and just look at that beautiful cover! Very color coordinated with GHOST PLANET.

Visit Erica's blog for a chance to win GP as well as a $50 gift card!


  1. I saw you add Erica's book to your GR account. I'm loving the sample chapters! Gonna buy it this weekend. Crossing my fingers I live the rest!

  2. Hi Sandy! I'm looking forward to it too! Lordy, the piles of books. These days not only do we have them all over our houses, but floating around in the ether ... Kindles, iPads, Goodreads lists, Amazon lists ...