RT editor favorite of 2012

Whoooooop! RT Book Reviews editor Regina Small included GHOST PLANET in her "best of" list for 2012.

I was lucky enough to review Fisher's sci-fi romance debut for RT's November issue and it was one of those experiences that reinforced everything I love about my job. ("You mean I get to read this wonderful science fiction love story and that is considered grown-up adult work? Guess I win everything.") . . . Twice nominated for RWA's Golden Heart, Fisher's debut is a touching, introspective look at personal identity and love. I'll be first in line to read Fisher's next book. 

Read the full list here. Regina's original review of GP is here.

And as a bonus: OMG I am on a list with author Jim C. Hines! Jim's cover poses for charity are 50 Shades of Awesome. Also I am really looking forward to reading his book LIBRIOMANCER.


  1. Congrats, luv! I really need to carve out a weekend to read Ghost Planet. I mean really, really, really need to. :D

  2. Aw, thanks. :) Yours is on my Kindle, and I'm in the same boat! Girl Under Glass seems to be doing very well! I can't wait to read it.