New endorsement for Ghost Planet

Kat Richardson, bestselling author of the Greywalker novels says . . .

OH MY GOD! Finally a Science Fiction novel where the Relationship is as important as the Science and the won't-let-you-go story literally will not work without BOTH! Perfect balance! The pace was great and the story hooked me right up front and kept on twisting and turning all the way to the satisfying end...A novel about complex relationships, dependence, independence, and identity that's also about ecology, science, and coexistence...Fantastic! Congratulations on a wonderful read!

GHOST PLANET (Tor Books) releases Oct. 30, 2012. BUY NOW 

The book also received an endorsement from award-winning author Linnea Sinclair.


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The GHOST PLANET playlist includes songs by Ben Harper, The Frames, Snow Patrol, Iron & Wine, Mogwai, Swell Season, and many others.

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