2013 SFR Galaxy Awards!

Today's the day for the the 2013 SFR Galaxy Awards. These are not your typical awards! The goals were inclusiveness and fun, and categories include "Most Entertaining Sidekick" and "Best How Was I to Know it Was an Alien Baby?"

In round one, GHOST PLANET has been awarded "Most Romantic Moment" by judge Charlee Allden!

This is one of those books that raises big moral and ethical questions, but the romance never suffers. From the moment the hero drops his coat on the ground, so he can give it to the shivering heroine without overtly breaking his own rules I was hopelessly in love with the book.

Judges will be posting their picks throughout the day, so go join the fun!

UPDATE: In round seven ... "Best On-The-Edge-of-My-Seat Premise"(awarded by judge Heather Massey) ...

Ghost Planet has a terrific high concept hook, one involving a mysterious alien species. I found myself caught up in the questions raised by the premise... Ghost Planet invites readers to contemplate the “Other” using the structure of an intimate adventure. And if that weren’t enough, it’s also a science fiction romance spin on soul mates melded with a First Contact story!

In other GHOST PLANET news, the book received a great review from Parajunkee this week:

...a very deep novel, ripe with a rich plot, angst and psychological interplay. The characters were warm and full-bodied...Fisher wrote with calm intensity and intelligence...I think Ms. Sharon Lynn Fisher has a new fan here. I can’t wait to read her next bit of awesome, which I’ve read is a Post-apocalyptic Biopunk Romance… bring it on.

Read the full review here.

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