GHOST PLANET casting call

Irish actor and sci-fi veteran Cillian Murphy
Over on Goodreads a reader has started a casting thread for GHOST PLANET. Fun! It's super hard not to bounce over there and participate, but just like on review discussion threads, I'm thinking it could sort of put a damper on things if the author is lurking around. So head over there and participate for me!

The reader who started the thread hit the bullseye with Murphy, who was inspired by Irish actor Cillian Murphy. I guess that one is pretty obvious - besides the name you've got the blue eyes, dark hair, and charming accent. And he's a sci-fi veteran.

I struggled when searching for a face for Elizabeth's character profile. But then I came across a publicity photo of a young Kate Winslet that really captured her for me (though her hair is the wrong color in this particular photo).

Ian has always had the appearance of Irish singer/songwriter Glen Hansard, in my mind. And there's a trio from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Mitchell (Roslin), Lex (Boomer), Sarah (Starbuck). Yasmina was based on Indira Varma (KAMA SUTRA). And Clive Owen for Blake.

Ardagh's appearance was borrowed from a cosmologist and former NASA scientist who spoke at a lecture I attended at the University of Washington. Unfortunately I can't remember his name now.

A few characters were my own fabrication and not inspired by any particular face: Peter, Julia, and especially Garvey, who sprang fully formed - both face and personality - from my mind.

I really enjoy seeing what readers come up with on their own. Someone proposed James McAvoy for Murphy. He is a hottie for sure, and actually inspired the character Ross in my second novel, ECHO 8. I also like Diane Kruger for Elizabeth.

Have an idea for one of the GHOST PLANET characters? Let's hear it!

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