Goodreads review roundup

I am SO excited to share that GHOST PLANET has received a 5-star review from Veronica Belmont! (For more about Veronica, see my last post.)

"5 stars!" You exclaim. "For a Vaginal Fantasy pick!?"

Yes, and let me tell you why! Ghost Planet surprised me in a big way. I've read quite a bit of science fiction in my day, and this particular premise seemed very new and inventive to me. In fact, I feel like this book could have continued on to a more flesh-out series, since there's so much more we can learn about the planet and how it works.

Read the whole review, and the discussion thread, here (on Goodreads). I decided to take on the whole Mary Sue thing (mentioned in the review and discussion thread) in a blogpost on Spacefreighters Lounge. Sneak peak: I embrace it! Find out why in the post

Also on Goodreads, another reviewer (Ashley) posted some images that represented the characters for her. Fun! You can see that here

Last but not least, a review from a GUY (Louis) who enjoyed the book's relationships. I love this: 

At last: a sci-fi romance where the hero and heroine save each other. Repeatedly.

Read the full review here.

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