The Sword and Laser Podcast recommended read

Remember last month on my birthday GHOST PLANET was chosen as this month's main pick for the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout book club, created by actor and producer Felicia Day? (Review set to air April 30, here.) Well, this week one of her review co-hosts - tech-savvy, serial video host Veronica Belmont - recommended GHOST PLANET for The Sword & Laser book club and podcast.

Wait, it gets better! GHOST PLANET is recommended along with the book club's main pick for May, WOOL. Yes, frakking WOOL!, the awesome indie-published sci-fi sensation by Hugh Howey, and one of my favorite reads.

You can hear the nice things Veronica had to say about GP at 32:56 on the podcast.

You can find the discussion forum for The Sword & Laser on Goodreads (16,390 members!). Here's a bit more about the group from Wiki:

Belmont started co-hosting a podcast with Tom Merritt of CNET and TWIT's Tech News Today fame. As the name implies, it is strictly about science-fiction and fantasy books and debuted with Neuromancer by William Gibson. Prior to the creation of the podcast, it was a book club in forum form. This format lasted through the first 3 books, which were, The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card and American Gods by Neil Gaiman, with the subsequent creation of the podcast.

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