Romance for geeks

Ha! I've tricked you into reading a boring housekeeping post.

Okay, only sort of. I've done some cleanup on the site, but also made one fun change -- my tagline. In reading all of the feedback from folks who've enjoyed GHOST PLANET, including the gals over at Geek & Sundry's Vaginal Fantasy Hangout, I've discovered my biggest fans are a little geeky at heart (just like me, go figure). I decided my tagline should better reflect that, and am trying this one on for size.

What do you think?

As for the less exciting changes . . .
  • I have gathered up the links from my GHOST PLANET blog tour and co-blog posts and moved them to a new page (Appearances) in the menu under the banner. This allowed me to zap the long list in the right-hand sidebar. I still get a lot of clicks on those links so didn't want to zap without notifying. I'll also post live appearances there, like the upcoming RITA finalist chat
  • I also killed the News page, as all news gets announced on the home page and I rarely remember to update the other page.
Thanks for listening, and as you were!

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