First Goodreads review for THE OPHELIA PROPHECY

We still have about 4 months until THE OPHELIA PROPHECY releases, but ARCs are going out to reviewers, and today I have the first Goodreads review to share! 5 stars from author Willa Blair (Linda Williams), who also reviewed GHOST PLANET for both Goodreads and Smart Bitches Trashy Books.

Linda and I met when she made her way over to my Facebook release event for GHOST PLANET and informed me she knew about the book because award-winning sci-fi romance author Linnea Sinclair had used an excerpt in a class she was teaching. (!!)

Here's a bit of Linda's review!

Asha and Pax's journey from enemies to lovers starts hot and stays spicy despite the mistrust, conflict and betrayals they face along the way. Fisher easily balances both science fiction and romance elements in this story, plunging the reader from page one into the remarkable world she creates. Her masterful portrayal of both human and Manti folklore and politics, as well as their shared, tragic history, leaves you rooting for both sides. Plenty of action and intrigue keep the reader guessing as the romance develops.