2013 SFR Galaxy Awards!

Today's the day for the the 2013 SFR Galaxy Awards. These are not your typical awards! The goals were inclusiveness and fun, and categories include "Most Entertaining Sidekick" and "Best How Was I to Know it Was an Alien Baby?"

In round one, GHOST PLANET has been awarded "Most Romantic Moment" by judge Charlee Allden!

This is one of those books that raises big moral and ethical questions, but the romance never suffers. From the moment the hero drops his coat on the ground, so he can give it to the shivering heroine without overtly breaking his own rules I was hopelessly in love with the book.

Judges will be posting their picks throughout the day, so go join the fun!

UPDATE: In round seven ... "Best On-The-Edge-of-My-Seat Premise"(awarded by judge Heather Massey) ...

Ghost Planet has a terrific high concept hook, one involving a mysterious alien species. I found myself caught up in the questions raised by the premise... Ghost Planet invites readers to contemplate the “Other” using the structure of an intimate adventure. And if that weren’t enough, it’s also a science fiction romance spin on soul mates melded with a First Contact story!

In other GHOST PLANET news, the book received a great review from Parajunkee this week:

...a very deep novel, ripe with a rich plot, angst and psychological interplay. The characters were warm and full-bodied...Fisher wrote with calm intensity and intelligence...I think Ms. Sharon Lynn Fisher has a new fan here. I can’t wait to read her next bit of awesome, which I’ve read is a Post-apocalyptic Biopunk Romance… bring it on.

Read the full review here.


USA TODAY "Happily Ever After" giveaway!

Today I'm guest blogging over at USA Today's "Happily Ever After" blog! Bounce over and read the post (Top 5 Reasons I Write Sci-Fi Romance) if you haven't already, and then leave a comment here for a chance to win a signed copy of GHOST PLANET (US/Canada).

What's your favorite sci-fi book, movie, or show?


Sneak peek at The Ophelia Prophecy

Curious about my second book for Tor? I've put up part of Chapter 1 on the Next Release! page.

Overhead, the beetle whirred to rest, cupped wings lifting to allow a controlled vertical landing. With a series of loud clicks it nestled into the sand, hover gear lowering and locking back against the hull. The lusterless, black skin of the vessel looked like rubber, but she knew it was a secreted resin. As she stared, frozen to the spot, the hull lightened from jet to blond, until it was almost invisible against the sand. The Manti had learned from and quickly surpassed their reckless creators—their extreme biomimicry techniques had yielded technologies both functional and fantastic.

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Great reviews: 2 for Tuesday

All About Romance (full review)

This is an amazingly compelling read. I found myself utterly transfixed by what was unfolding on the page and caught up completely in the lives of the characters. 

... as the book progresses we can see why Murphy and Elizabeth fight the odds to stay together. It also means that the HEA is a joy to reach. I was rooting for them to make it and show Ardagh 1 that “different” didn’t mean “enemy.”

... This book took a very optimistic look at humans and showed that our ability to love and hope meant that we would find a way to have a future even when things looked scary and bleak.

I would heartily recommend this story. It is the kind of smart, serious science fiction that we don’t often find in SF romance. 

Book Passion for Life (full review)

... not only do we get mystery, we get oppression, discrimination, power struggles, insurgence, jealousy, rivalry and a nice dose of forbidden love ... and what started out quite slow with a psychological feel became an action packed adventure on a new planet where it seems like battle has only just begun & I would definitely read a sequel.


Get Lost in a Story: Interview and giveaway

I did a super fun interview with the talented ladies over at Get Lost in a Story! Find out my most interesting quirk, my take on the meaning of love, my favorite kid joke, and more. Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of GHOST PLANET.