More love from RT, and a mention in Amazing Stories

In a post featuring new sci-fi/fantasy releases for February, RT Book Reviews mentioned GHOST PLANET in a list of recommended sci-fi romance. RT gave GP 4.5 stars back when the book was released, and it was an editor's pick for 2012. 

Ghost Planet by new author Sharon Lynn Fisher, an excellent space-set romance that on the surface appears to follows a budding romance between psychologist Elizabeth Cole — who arrives on planet Ardagh-1 to conduct research — and her new supervisor, Murphy. But this love story isn’t that simple, and it’s definitely one you won’t want to miss. (full article)

Also, Amazing Stories magazine ran an excellent piece on the SFR subgenre, and included a mention of GP:

As archetypes go, psychic powers are the area where science fiction romance most closely mirrors its paranormal cousins: the themes explored by works like Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series, Jacqueline Lichtenberg’s far earlier Sime-Gen stories, or Sharon Lynn Fisher’s Ghost Planet all focus on the power dynamics between emotions and actions among individuals and social groups. Metaphorically, these themes are not dissimilar to those explored by the use of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and shapeshifters.

I have a hypothesis – though I lack the sales data to back my hypothesis up – that those science fiction romances that are modeled more closely on their supernatural cousins may be more popular than their more hard science fiction/adventure-oriented siblings. If that is the case (and that’s a big IF), then I suspect it stems from the relative accessibility of the archetypes and devices used. (full article)