The Vaginal Fantasy review goes live April 30 at 8 PM!

The fabulous Heather Massey, author and The Galaxy Express blogger, created this wonderful press release for the event. (Thank you, Heather!) Please feel free to copy and share!

Felicia (top) along with Bonnie Burton, Kiala Kazebee, and Veronica Belmont

Mark your calendars, sci-fi romance fans! Sharon Lynn Fisher’s GHOST PLANET (Tor) is the April 2013 selection for Felicia Day’s Vaginal Fantasy Hangout book club.

Actress-producer-writer Felicia Day is a true geek and a reader of science fiction romance. In addition to her many credits, she runs the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout, a lively, entertaining, and no-holds-barred online book club. Members include Veronica Belmont, Kiala Kazebee and Bonnie Burton. The VFH team is sassy, outspoken, and passionate about books.

The GHOST PLANET video discussion will go live on April 30 at 8 PM PST.

Watch the video and join other VFH viewers at the GHOST PLANET Goodreads discussion thread.

Want to know more? Visit the main Vaginal Fantasy Hangout Goodreads page. You can access all of the Vaginal Fantasy videos here, including ones featuring science fiction romances by authors Linnea Sinclair, Nalini Singh, J.D. Robb, and Meljean Brook.

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A world in peril. A bond deeper than love.

Psychologist Elizabeth Cole prepared for the worst when she accepted a job on a newly discovered world - a world where every colonist is tethered to an alien who manifests in the form of a dead loved one. But she never expected she'd struggle with the requirement to shun these “ghosts.” She never expected to be so attracted to the charming Irishman assigned as her supervisor. And she certainly never expected to discover she died in a transport crash en route to the planet.

Reincarnated as a ghost, Elizabeth is symbiotically linked to her supervisor, Murphy - creator of the Ghost Protocol, which forbids him to acknowledge or interact with her. Confused and alone - oppressed by her ghost status and tormented by forbidden love - Elizabeth works to unlock the secrets of her own existence.

But her quest for answers lands her in a tug-of-war between powerful interests, and she soon finds herself a pawn in the struggle for control of the planet…a struggle that could separate her forever from the man she loves.

Visit Sharon Lynn Fisher’s Web site and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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GHOST PLANET casting call

Irish actor and sci-fi veteran Cillian Murphy
Over on Goodreads a reader has started a casting thread for GHOST PLANET. Fun! It's super hard not to bounce over there and participate, but just like on review discussion threads, I'm thinking it could sort of put a damper on things if the author is lurking around. So head over there and participate for me!

The reader who started the thread hit the bullseye with Murphy, who was inspired by Irish actor Cillian Murphy. I guess that one is pretty obvious - besides the name you've got the blue eyes, dark hair, and charming accent. And he's a sci-fi veteran.

I struggled when searching for a face for Elizabeth's character profile. But then I came across a publicity photo of a young Kate Winslet that really captured her for me (though her hair is the wrong color in this particular photo).

Ian has always had the appearance of Irish singer/songwriter Glen Hansard, in my mind. And there's a trio from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Mitchell (Roslin), Lex (Boomer), Sarah (Starbuck). Yasmina was based on Indira Varma (KAMA SUTRA). And Clive Owen for Blake.

Ardagh's appearance was borrowed from a cosmologist and former NASA scientist who spoke at a lecture I attended at the University of Washington. Unfortunately I can't remember his name now.

A few characters were my own fabrication and not inspired by any particular face: Peter, Julia, and especially Garvey, who sprang fully formed - both face and personality - from my mind.

I really enjoy seeing what readers come up with on their own. Someone proposed James McAvoy for Murphy. He is a hottie for sure, and actually inspired the character Ross in my second novel, ECHO 8. I also like Diane Kruger for Elizabeth.

Have an idea for one of the GHOST PLANET characters? Let's hear it!


Goodreads review roundup

I am SO excited to share that GHOST PLANET has received a 5-star review from Veronica Belmont! (For more about Veronica, see my last post.)

"5 stars!" You exclaim. "For a Vaginal Fantasy pick!?"

Yes, and let me tell you why! Ghost Planet surprised me in a big way. I've read quite a bit of science fiction in my day, and this particular premise seemed very new and inventive to me. In fact, I feel like this book could have continued on to a more flesh-out series, since there's so much more we can learn about the planet and how it works.

Read the whole review, and the discussion thread, here (on Goodreads). I decided to take on the whole Mary Sue thing (mentioned in the review and discussion thread) in a blogpost on Spacefreighters Lounge. Sneak peak: I embrace it! Find out why in the post

Also on Goodreads, another reviewer (Ashley) posted some images that represented the characters for her. Fun! You can see that here

Last but not least, a review from a GUY (Louis) who enjoyed the book's relationships. I love this: 

At last: a sci-fi romance where the hero and heroine save each other. Repeatedly.

Read the full review here.


The Sword and Laser Podcast recommended read

Remember last month on my birthday GHOST PLANET was chosen as this month's main pick for the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout book club, created by actor and producer Felicia Day? (Review set to air April 30, here.) Well, this week one of her review co-hosts - tech-savvy, serial video host Veronica Belmont - recommended GHOST PLANET for The Sword & Laser book club and podcast.

Wait, it gets better! GHOST PLANET is recommended along with the book club's main pick for May, WOOL. Yes, frakking WOOL!, the awesome indie-published sci-fi sensation by Hugh Howey, and one of my favorite reads.

You can hear the nice things Veronica had to say about GP at 32:56 on the podcast.

You can find the discussion forum for The Sword & Laser on Goodreads (16,390 members!). Here's a bit more about the group from Wiki:

Belmont started co-hosting a podcast with Tom Merritt of CNET and TWIT's Tech News Today fame. As the name implies, it is strictly about science-fiction and fantasy books and debuted with Neuromancer by William Gibson. Prior to the creation of the podcast, it was a book club in forum form. This format lasted through the first 3 books, which were, The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card and American Gods by Neil Gaiman, with the subsequent creation of the podcast.


Review and giveaway of GHOST PLANET

There's a fun review of GHOST PLANET over at fellow Tor author Suzanne Johnson's blog, and she's giving away a copy! (Suzanne's debut, ROYAL STREET, also came out last year. It's the first book in an urban fantasy series set in New Orleans. I heart New Orleans! This one just got tossed onto my TBR.)

Now, I'm excited today to be bringing you a book that I'm really, really, really annoyed at having to stop after fifty pages. Because it's good. Really good. In fact, I wanted to hate it because it is a finalist for Best First Book in the RWA RITA competition this year and mine wasn't but, you know what? It deserves it! So, here we go, for a chance to win Sharon Lynn Fisher's Ghost Planet.