THE OPHELIA PROPHECY available for preorder

The print version of my second novel from TOR -- scheduled for release February 18, 2014 -- is available for preorder! THE OPHELIA PROPHECY is a post-apocalyptic biopunk romance.

The book is currently available for preorder at these locations:

Amazon US | Amazon Canada | Amazon UK
The Book Depository (worldwide, free shipping)

And one of my favorite indies:

Powell's Books

You'll notice this book is a little spendier than GHOST PLANET. That's because it's coming out in the fancier trade paperback format! I'll keep you updated on preorder options.

Should have a cover reveal for you guys before long, too!


Romance for geeks

Ha! I've tricked you into reading a boring housekeeping post.

Okay, only sort of. I've done some cleanup on the site, but also made one fun change -- my tagline. In reading all of the feedback from folks who've enjoyed GHOST PLANET, including the gals over at Geek & Sundry's Vaginal Fantasy Hangout, I've discovered my biggest fans are a little geeky at heart (just like me, go figure). I decided my tagline should better reflect that, and am trying this one on for size.

What do you think?

As for the less exciting changes . . .
  • I have gathered up the links from my GHOST PLANET blog tour and co-blog posts and moved them to a new page (Appearances) in the menu under the banner. This allowed me to zap the long list in the right-hand sidebar. I still get a lot of clicks on those links so didn't want to zap without notifying. I'll also post live appearances there, like the upcoming RITA finalist chat
  • I also killed the News page, as all news gets announced on the home page and I rarely remember to update the other page.
Thanks for listening, and as you were!


RITA finalist chat registration

This year Romance Writers of America (RWA) is holding online chat sessions with all the groups of RITA finalists. GHOST PLANET's category, Best First Book, is coming up June 13.

Here is some info about the event:

In an effort to share the excitement about its award-nominated romance writers with fans across the world, Romance Writers of America® (RWA) has launched an 11-week series of interactive video chat events highlighting the 2013 RITA Award finalist authors. Fans will have the unique opportunity to meet one another and ask their favorite authors questions face-to-face in an intimate online environment. (Read more)

Want to register for the chat? Click here. (Limited to 1,000 participants, so don't delay!) One participant will win a set of the finalist books. Full list of finalists here.

Other Best First Book finalists who plan to attend include:

Kristen Callihan, Huntley Fitzpatrick, Anna Lee Huber, Katie McGarry, and Simone St. James

Hope to see you there!


Author personalities: do they matter?

I'm blogging about this over on Spacefreighters Lounge today! I shared my own examples -- Neil Gaiman, Hugh Howey, and Stephenie Meyer -- and discussed how their public personas have (or haven't) influenced my reading habits.

You can read the post and share your thoughts here


Goodreads review roundup (take THAT, Monday the 13th!)

I am hard at work on revisions for THE OPHELIA PROPHECY, my second book from Tor, but I thought I'd take a break and post some cool snippets from recent Goodreads reviews. This is a sampling from roughly the last month -- there are TONS of new reviews since the RITA finalist announcements and the Vaginal Fantasy bookclub pick. You can see them all here.

The colored bits are parts I particularly enjoyed.

* * *
Well deserved RITA nominee for best first book. Great sci fi. A thinking woman's romance.
* * *

I thought I wouldn't like this book. I thought I wouldn't get into science fiction. I was wrong. 

* * *
. . . like the ghosts and their colonists I could not separate myself from this book until I had completed it.
* * *
I need to start by saying that I kind of pictured the whole novel like a movie. It would be a pretty good film! 
* * *
Fisher manages to find that perfect balance between romance and science fiction throughout this entire book. 
* * *
Interesting world building, relatable characters, good pacing . . .
* * *
Tightly plotted, enjoyable characters, self-contained . . .
* * *
At last: a sci-fi romance where the hero and heroine save each other. Repeatedly. This book was brilliant.
* * *
This book reminded me why I love reading so much. I had to force myself to put it down at the end of the night so that I could get some decent sleep!
* * *
I've read quite a bit of science fiction in my day, and this particular premise seemed very new and inventive to me.
* * *
Elizabeth is a great mary sue of a character that I find to be relatable because she's more science minded and not a total ditz. She's determined to find out why the ghosts exist instead of fading into the background like the others. I found myself trying to solve the mystery of the planet right along with Elizabeth.
* * *
I love how the author played with the human ability to ignore as a norm and the side effects of not existing that was created for the aliens and the world. I ate this book up.
* * *
As a scientist, I could relate to the research drive and policy problems. And the love story just tied it all together. (This one actually came via Twitter. Love it because it is one of two molecular biologists who have commented favorably on the science aspects of the story.)
* * *
Highly recommended for those of you who have been hungering for “sexytimes” … especially well done and plausible sexytimes… in your otherwise-hard sci-fi, but who may have despaired of finding it.
* * *
I felt captivated by it from the beginning and it was honestly a little shocking to discover that this was Sharon Fisher's first novel.
* * *
So I liked this book for a number of reasons, but let me just pause and thank Fisher for writing something clever . . . I thought the psychological and "racial" angles of this book were interesting and thought provoking. I actually found myself pausing to contemplate the nature of selfhood and psychology multiple times . . .


Vaginal Fantasy Book Club #16: GHOST PLANET

Thank you to the lovely ladies of Vaginal Fantasy for the entertaining book review/chat! They said lots of nice things about the book, with a little bit of critical discussion as well.

The most interesting part of the discussion, I thought, was regarding the differences between GHOST PLANET's heroine and the heroines in the books they usually read. Elizabeth being more of a brainy gal and less of the action hero (though as Felicia points out, she kills a couple people!). My take on that is Elizabeth is more survivor than action hero -- the events in the plot bring out strengths she's never used or needed before.

I also enjoyed the lighter discussion about sexy times and Irish heroes and such. Especially the bit where they chat about what kind of plant they would each get on Ardagh 1. Oh! And I love that they loved Ian, my favorite secondary character.

Finally, let's not forget Bonnie's beverage! It's the first time I've seen a wine glass big enough to hold an entire bottle.

Thanks again to Bonnie (and Bonnie's dog), Kiala, Felicia, and Veronica!