First Goodreads review for THE OPHELIA PROPHECY

We still have about 4 months until THE OPHELIA PROPHECY releases, but ARCs are going out to reviewers, and today I have the first Goodreads review to share! 5 stars from author Willa Blair (Linda Williams), who also reviewed GHOST PLANET for both Goodreads and Smart Bitches Trashy Books.

Linda and I met when she made her way over to my Facebook release event for GHOST PLANET and informed me she knew about the book because award-winning sci-fi romance author Linnea Sinclair had used an excerpt in a class she was teaching. (!!)

Here's a bit of Linda's review!

Asha and Pax's journey from enemies to lovers starts hot and stays spicy despite the mistrust, conflict and betrayals they face along the way. Fisher easily balances both science fiction and romance elements in this story, plunging the reader from page one into the remarkable world she creates. Her masterful portrayal of both human and Manti folklore and politics, as well as their shared, tragic history, leaves you rooting for both sides. Plenty of action and intrigue keep the reader guessing as the romance develops.


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Make that 2 endorsements!

What a week! A second fabulous endorsement for THE OPHELIA PROPHECY. This one from the lovely and hilarious Darynda Jones, New York Times bestselling author of the Charley Davidson series (FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT, etc.).

It seems the book is a winner with redheads (see Skyler White endorsement). The truth is I know a number of brilliant, beautiful gingers. Skye. Darynda. My beau. His daughter. My favorite British ex-pat (who also was the first to rate OPHELIA on Goodreads). 

Seriously though, Darynda is a tremendously busy lady, and I was lucky to get her. She and I met back in 2009, when both of us were named finalists for the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® Award (paranormal category). I soon learned she lives in the same small, New Mexico town where I attended my first year of college. And that she is the only other person I know outside my family who has been to Sulpher, Oklahoma (stinky, but beautiful). 

Darynda won the Golden Heart that year, but she is such a doll it really wasn't possible to hold it against her. 

Anyway, on to the unveiling of endorsement No. 2 (which came in an email that began, "OMG your writing!!!!! You have such a fantastic voice, just crisp and magical and crystal clear") ...  

With the elegant pen and graceful hand of a master storyteller, Sharon Lynn Fisher lures us into a world where adventure lurks in every corner and nothing is quite what it seems. Exotic and powerful, The Ophelia Prophecy is absolutely captivating. SF Romance at its finest. This book is a rare and delicious treat! 


Awesome endorsement for THE OPHELIA PROPHECY

When advance reading copies are created for an upcoming release, some of them go out to reviewers and some of them go to other authors. The hope with the latter is other authors will (a) have time to read the book and (b) enjoy the book enough to provide a quote for the packaging - back or front cover, inside pages, etc. The publisher calls these "blurbs."

GHOST PLANET got amazing blurbs from award-winning sci-fi romance author Linnea Sinclair and bestselling paranormal author Kat Richardson

Just last night I received a wonderful endorsement from Skyler White (the author, not the Breaking Bad character). I know Skye, and asked her to read my new book, because she once gave GHOST PLANET high marks in a writing contest. We got acquainted via email, and later met at the Romance Writers of America national conference in Orlando. (I almost bumped into her coming out of the bathroom.) She was a few steps ahead of me in the publishing process, and I turned to her for advice on several occasions. 

Skye and I both have a passion for blending romance with geeky spec fic - science, philosophy, worldbuilding, and sexy times (yay, genre mashups!). She has a way with words that makes me green with envy. A truly mesmerizing authorly voice. She writes smart, sensual paranormals, and most recently co-authored an urban fantasy with Steven Brust, THE INCREMENTALISTS (fab premise, starred Booklist review, "blurbed" by John Scalzi, Elizabeth Bear, and Cory Doctorow).

Beyond all that, look at that crazy hair! I'm pretty sure we were separated at birth. [Trivia: Skye's crazy hair makes an appearance in my third book from Tor, ECHO 8, due out in January 2015. An energy vampire with a mean streak. (Skye is neither.)]

So what did Skye have to say about THE OPHELIA PROPHECY? I'm so glad you asked, because this is incredibly cool. First off, she said, "It's kinda like Lois McMaster Bujold meets William Gibson." (!) She also said, "It’s a remarkable thing, with a cast as large as you have, and some of them off screen the whole time, that you manage to make me really believe in [all of them]. You really are remarkably good at people."

And here is the sound bite you've been waiting for: 

An immediately likeable heroine, a gorgeously layered world, rich supporting characters, and a powerfully exotic hero in a heady blend of high-stakes adventure, sexual tension, philosophy, and high concept SF – superbly written and thrilling to read. 

If someone asked me, "What would you want me to say to a reader considering buying your book?", this would be it exactly. This this this this.