PSA, plus a giveaway!

I've been using this blog as the launching pad for all my news for the last several years. But the past couple of weeks I have begun working with my literary agency's digital specialist on pulling all my branding, social media, and suchlike together. In support of that, I'm going to start sending out a newsletter (monthly is my goal) that will contain all the latest news about releases and other exciting stuff.

So! If you'd like to keep reading the latest news from me, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter (see the signup at the top of the right column). Everyone who signs up in the next two weeks (and those of you who have done so since I added it) will be eligible to win a signed advance reading copy of ECHO 8 as soon as it's available!

I'll definitely keep the blogger site up. It's still a great place for all the details about my books, plus other extras that just won't fit on the new "hub" page I created.

Thank you for your attention, and that concludes today's public service announcement!


  1. A winner has been randomly chosen! Thanks to all who signed up!

  2. I missed out. LoL just saw the sign up today

    1. :) Don't worry, there will be more giveaways to come! But you ARE eligible to ask a question if you'd like to! (See the post at the top)