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Books are incredibly subjective, and when I was working on my second book for Tor, which is very different from my first, I wondered whether fans of the first book would enjoy it as much. Part of that equation is certainly author voice, and I think readers who love an author's voice are disposed to enjoy everything they write. Take me and Anthony Trollope. There's only one of his books I haven't read yet and I've put it off, not caring much for the idea that there will never be any more.

But what about when a reader/reviewer doesn't like your first book? Is there any likelihood of them trying, much less enjoying, your second?

Today I got a lovely Goodreads review for THE OPHELIA PROPHECY from someone who had issues with GHOST PLANET. Here's an excerpt:

There's a lot packed into this book--we have the memory issues, the truth of what lies between the Manti and the humans, the rebel faction, the religious faction, the religious rebel faction, Ash and Pax's...relationship and the truth above all truths ... I wanted to see where the whole thing with Pax was going, what was going to happen with his sister, why it was so damned important for Ash to risk everything on a gamble that could have turned out badly (spoiler: she has 9 lives, I swear it).

I was also genuinely pleased with how Fisher handled Pax and Ash's evolution towards their trust. It felt organic and well paced, with only a little bit of impatience with Pax on my end (his urge to mate with Ash had him making ... tactically unsound decisions at times, but it was all right, his sister was there to hit him upside his head for it).

You can read the full review here.

While we're talking about Goodreads, I have a new giveaway listed - for 3 signed copies to be given away on release day!


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          The Ophelia Prophecy

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Monday roundup of random things

First of all, here is the final cover for THE OPHELIA PROPHECY. Well, final but for a couple of tiny wording tweaks. Yay!

Second, OPHELIA is now available on NetGalley!

Third, I've put up the first chapter for my third book, ECHO 8!

Fourth, I was quoted in an article in Scandalous Women's February issue (about the rise of the empowered woman in romance and erotic fiction)!

Fifth, I'm working as acquisitions and developmental editor for a new venture in short romantic fiction, SilkWords, launching Feb. 14! (Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? More info coming soon!)

Sixth, maybe you heard:  The Seahawks won the Super Bowl, wahoo!