THE OPHELIA PROPHECY blog tour has liftoff!

Starting the tour out right with a fabulous review, guest post, and book giveaway over on Team Tynga's Reviews today!

Tynga's Reviews wanted to know why biopunk?, so I wrote a really nerdy post. You can enter a giveaway for one of two copies of the book at the bottom of the post.

And here's an excerpt from the fabulous review, which you can read here.

This is one special book. It’s that rare sci fi novel that’s accessible to people who aren’t die-hard fans of the genre, with a minimal amount of technobabble and a lot of juicy story. [...] THE OPHELIA PROPHECY is very character driven; it just happens to have a science fiction setting. If you’re looking for a book with political and emotional tensions, regardless of genre, THE OPHELIA PROPHECY should be on your list. Fisher has created a complex story and world and you’ll really enjoy the ride.


Review Roundup!

Just over a week until liftoff for THE OPHELIA PROPHECY! Figured it was about time for a roundup of some early reviews. I pinky-finger promise none of these lovely words were written by close friends, family, or people I paid.

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Once again, Fisher has written a hard-to-put-down adventure story that seamlessly combines romance with everything I love about science fiction. [...] The author keeps the suspense going up until the very end, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen until literally the last few pages. The Ophelia Prophecy was exciting, sexy, and kept me guessing. I don’t know if there’s a sequel planned, but I sure wouldn’t mind diving back into this fascinating world.

Full review at: Books, Bones & Buffy

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Well then, color me surprised. Romantic science fiction hasn’t been this good since Ann Aguirre’s Sirantha Jax series! With a strong worldbuilding and an even stronger romance, The Ophelia Prophecy is a breath of fresh air in a (sub)genre that desperately needs it. [...] The ending left plenty of room for a sequel, and I do hope we’ll get one in the near future. I’ve grown to care for these characters and I wouldn’t mind another lengthy visit to their exciting world.

Full review at: The Nocturnal Library

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I adored Sharon Fisher's first book Ghost Planet which was a haunting and atmospheric tale. In The Ophelia Prophecy the tone is much more action packed and full of political wrangling and intrigue in a vibrant world. I really liked the romance especially which is a slow burn that builds up throughout the book and the romantic elements really gel well with the overall story especially as it combines and mirrors the conflict between the two factions. [...] I think Fisher is an amazing writer who has combined both SF and Romance elements very effectively and I think she's cemented herself as an autobuy author for me for SF romance.

Full review on Goodreads

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What a brilliant idea to invent a race of transgenic creatures, part human and part insect. I mean insect!! Seriously? That was sort of freaking me out but kept me interested at the same time. Needless to say that I enjoyed the world-building a lot. It was flawless, captivating and so very complex. [...] But not only did Fisher some epic world-building or created highly fascinating characters and a riveting adventure. She also took her world to a more complex level of thought, of philosophical and political questions.

Full review at: Challenging Reads

* * * 

Which I'll give Fisher credit, even though Pax is very very keen to get with Ash he is also very very keen to gain her trust, help her recover her memory, keep her safe and untangle the web they're in.  So while his body (which is part insect) is urging him to make her his, his mind (and heart) are like OMG STOP. TELL THE SHIP TO SHOOT YOU IF YOU TRY.  So refreshing from the paranormal books I read. [...] I was also genuinely pleased with how Fisher handled Pax and Ash's evolution towards their trust.  It felt organic and well paced, with only a little bit of impatience with Pax on my end (his urge to mate with Ash had him making...tactically unsound decisions at times, but it was all right, his sister was there to hit him upside his head for it.  I loved his sister so much.).

Full review at: Poisoned Reality

* * * 

I had enjoyed Ghost Planet so much, that I was hoping The Ophelia Prophecy would be equally as amazing. I was not disappointed. Ms Fishers world building is just amazing. [...] The storyline continues to twist and turn all the way until the last few pages, keeping you thinking continually [...]. There are some amazing characters in The Ophelia Prophecy and I can't wait to see their stories too. They had better be coming Ms Fisher!

Full review on Goodreads

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The world-building in this story is exquisite. While I wouldn't want to live there, I'd definitely like to visit it again in another story, or for some of the characters to visit here, especially a sexy Manti named Pax. I loved The Ophelia Prophecy just as much as Ms. Fisher's debut release, Ghost Planet. I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys action, science fiction, and/or a great love story. It is one I'll read again and again.

Full review on Goodreads

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...fans of the author's first book should pick this one up, as should anyone who loves science fiction romance that's truly got a unique setup in the terms of world.

Full review on Goodreads (Carina Press editor Angela James)

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There are few very good writers of sci-fi romance, who give readers considerably more scientific and technical details and world-building, and not just an interplanetary or inter-species sex-romp. Sharon Lynn Fisher joins R Lee Smith as my other go-to author for great sci-fi romance.

Full review on Goodreads

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Not bad, not bad at all!


THE OPHELIA PROPHECY audiobook available for pre-order

THE OPHELIA PROPHECY is the first of my books to be available in audio version. GHOST PLANET will follow, and later ECHO 8 (at release time in 2015).

OPHELIA is narrated by Coleen Marlo (Publishers Weekly Audiobook Narrator of the Year for 2010, among other awards). I haven't heard it yet, but Coleen is very talented and I'm really looking forward to it!

You can pre-order the audiobook from either the Amazon or Audible site.

And for a taste of what's to come: Readers who enjoyed GHOST PLANET can look forward to Murphy's Irish accent! GP will be narrated by another talented voice actor (and TV and film actor), Dina Pearlman.

Stay tuned for details about OPHELIA release day festivities!