PSA, plus a giveaway!

I've been using this blog as the launching pad for all my news for the last several years. But the past couple of weeks I have begun working with my literary agency's digital specialist on pulling all my branding, social media, and suchlike together. In support of that, I'm going to start sending out a newsletter (monthly is my goal) that will contain all the latest news about releases and other exciting stuff.

So! If you'd like to keep reading the latest news from me, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter (see the signup at the top of the right column). Everyone who signs up in the next two weeks (and those of you who have done so since I added it) will be eligible to win a signed advance reading copy of ECHO 8 as soon as it's available!

I'll definitely keep the blogger site up. It's still a great place for all the details about my books, plus other extras that just won't fit on the new "hub" page I created.

Thank you for your attention, and that concludes today's public service announcement!


Shorts 'n stuff

I wanted to share some content from last week's post to my co-blog, Spacefreighters Lounge. OPHELIA is out, and ECHO 8 is in production, but I promise I'm not idle!

I've got a new book in the works, and shorts in progress as well. I've just started working with my literary agency's digital specialist, discussing options for the shorter works and my career path in general. Part of that was taking the plunge and using Mail Chimp to get a mailing list signup on my site (see right). Sign up if you'd like to receive news and updates from me! Infrequently. No spam. Pinky promise.

Here's the list of stuff, some of which is already up somewhere, so you can check it out if you like!

This steampunk fairy tale is the "choose your own adventure" style short story I wrote for SilkWords, the company where I work as senior editor. Part of it is also up on WattPad, where I'm asking readers to vote at each choice point to see the next segment of the story. (Or they can buy the whole thing with all the choices here, for $1.99.) It will also be available soon in the Kindle Store.

A zombie-ish story that started out as a piece of flash fiction. It's been on the back burner for months, but the idea stuck with me. It's a gritty first-person, present-tense SFR, and I wasn't sure whether it would have a large enough audience to merit devoting a lot of time to it. But I had this idea to use it as a WattPad experiment. I've posted the first two parts, and will squeeze in more work on it as I can (working on the next part today!). The plan is not to have a plan. I'm not plotting in advance. I'm truly pantsing this one, one scene at a time. Fun!

An erotica short (first in a series) I'm working on. I'll admit I went into this thinking it might be a good way to make some extra cash. But I ended up really having fun with it. I originally planned to submit it to Kindle Shorts. Actually I did do that, and got a request for the full story. But then I decided I wanted to explore my options a bit with my agency. I assumed they'd want me to use a pen name for this. But smut has gone mainstream! My agent thinks it's better to use my own name, so it will help get more eyes on all my work.

This is the new book I've been working on, and I am super excited about it. It's set in Portland, a town I adore. A little physics, a lot of mythology, and a sexy couple with a date with destiny. I've written the first 50ish pages and now have a pile of research to do. You can read a short excerpt (and see photos from my research trip) here.

Whew, I'm gonna be busy the rest of this year!


A fangirl moment

As a self-professed geek who writes for other geeks, I am not too proud to geek out when circumstances require it.

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You can read my post here (includes a list of current projects).


ECHO 8 cover reveal!

Click here to read the first chapter, and for preorder links (print only at this point, eBook links to come).